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JOIE is equally celebrated as an artist and scholar of Natural Philosophy. As a Gravitologist, she is the founder of the new science of Gravitology, which serves to unify gravity with "The Secret" Law of Attraction. Composition of art and music, along with dancing are her other favorite pastimes. JOIE's photo? As a fellow Atomic Structure [made of atoms + empty space], 99% of our bodies are totally invisible; and part of her mission involves spreading this important messa... more...

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I've published 1 articles that have been viewed 1,644 times. I've received +1 recommendations as an expert for my writing. I've answered 2 questions and received +0 positive votes.
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Whether we observe the universe from a microscope or telescope, every scale of our existence fractals in self-similarity. Atomic structures of all shapes and sizes contain the same invisible, empty, energetic space. In fact, atoms are said to be 99% hollow and only ~1% physical. So, what does this really say about us (humans)?
Published by Joie 66 months ago in Science | +1 votes | 1 comments